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The 'sins' of Morsi?

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What 'sin' Dr. Mohammad Morsi of the Egyptian people?

'Sins' Dr. Mohammed Mursi during the rule of Egypt. (Read total)

Why so try dropping among liberal Egyptian President Dr. Mohammed Mursi? One of the readers sent writing interesting about 'sins' of Egyptian President Dr. Mohammed Mursi. It may be, the opinion delivered by this fanpage true. That 'sin' is what makes the shake Mursi rule.

Following completion of the writing:

'Sin' Mursi is because he can bring Egypt a year to the food bowl. The first time mubarak wheat can only be produced in the state by 20% at most, now has exceeded 60%. It used to be imported from America, now Mursi imports from countries that he wants, the more profitable the people. This situation can save the country spending millions of dollars per year to boost the economy while farmers.

'Sin' Mursi is because developing the Suez Canal into the world of the free market. The first in mubarak times just to make money of 5.6 billion dollars per year, will increase to 100 billion dollars per year.

'Sin' Mursi is to increase salaries of civil servants and pensioners over 200%, while the prices of goods can be defended not up, so civil servants to be more prosperous.

'Sin' Mursi is the largest building in the Arab samsung factory in the province of Bani Suwef, so the price of electronic goods become cheap.

'Sin' Mursi is making its own car plant up for many years into the future does not have to import a car.

'Sin' Mursi is making up his own weapon factories do not have to import weapons from American trash.

'Sin' is making factory Innar Mursi (a tablet / ipad), so that the people can feel the joy of later wearing quality electronic goods at affordable prices. School children can learn to use sophisticated tools.

'Sin' Mursi is able to maintain and even augment foreign exchange reserves that have been previously Egypt on the verge of bankruptcy.

'Sin' biggest Mursi is he always praying in the mosque, memorized the Holy Qur'an, always look for the tahajjud and invective.

'Sin' Mursi is supporting the Palestinian struggle, Syria and Myanmar.

'Sin' is not lost Mursi remove Egypt from captivity severity of military power in 40 days, in which Erdogan takes years to do that.

'Sin' Mursi boost self-esteem in the future of Egypt but the Arab world. To Egypt so that the country is taken into account.

'Sin' Mursi is trying to develop nuclear energy and solar energy as an alternative energy in Egypt.

'Sin' Mursi is because it is able to attract foreign investors and maintain foreign confidence in Egypt.

'Sin' Mursi is to reopen the land route between Egypt and Sudan until the cooperation in the economic field between the two countries will increase.

'Sin' Mursi is able to open new jobs for 600 thousand more people unemployed.

'Sin' Mursi is trying to recover the property that brought fled abroad by Husni Mubarak and his cronies.

'Sin' Mursi is to uphold the truth and seek judicial combat corruption. And many other sins that we can not mention one by one that makes heat Egyptian political enemies, especially America and Israel who masterminded. Because of the sins that the Mursi will be overthrown by Mubarak supporters hypocrisy-hypocrisy, liberal, secular, communist, and Coptic Christian and Muslim factions hypocrite. They have failed've looked Mursi will lead Egypt towards kehancuran.Itulah logic in life now.

That "sin" human named Morsi. This secular Muslim charity very close to American & Jewish. And they never will support Islamic agenda even though they lost under the system they have created.

Copy and edit from : DPP Malaysia (offical)
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