About me.

About me.
About myself?
About my life?

Actually I don't know what should I write here because I don't know how to describe myself. I am still looking for myself. What if I told you I am butcher. That was my job and it's not for fun, but I do love my job. I am a muslim and as a muslim, we have our own set of rules for living. Our navigation is Al-Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Just like you using bible or torah. But still, I have no issue to be your friend even you are not a muslim. We are human just maybe we believe on different things. We live in the same world, just not in the same place.  We breathe with the same air, just maybe the freshness were not same. We look at the same sky just maybe the star are not to much to be seen here, at my place. We look at the same moon, just maybe not in the same time. Our solar system was same, which is sun. So what is the difference? Hmm, maybe your body are bigger. Maybe you are richer. Maybe your face are more handsome or cuter than me. Maybe we were not using the same language, but still we are human. His servants.

I am not born with this language so if my grammar was wrong, please forgive me. I'm still learning. I'm was born in malay country so I always speak in malay. o_O

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